Our exclusive partners - eurotrade JUICE
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Founded in 1967, Citromax is one of the main lemon producers worldwide. Fresh fruit, juice and essential oils, conventional and organic.

Citromax has 4 000 hectares in plantations, produces 170 000 metric tons of fruit and 6000 metric tons of concentrate per year.



Founded in 1908, Ledesma is one of the major Argentine group, producing sugar, paper, alcohol, cattle, fruit and juices.

Ledesma harvests 3000 hectares of plantations, 120000 metric tons of fruit and produces 6000 metric tons of juice concentrate per year.

Founded in 1969, Sucorrico is one of Brazil’s main FCOJ producers, with two factories in the Sao Paulo area.


Sucorrico squeezes more than 10 million boxes of fresh oranges producing 45 000 metric tons of FCOJ per year.

Founded in 2005, NewBell is a faithful partner for Eurotrade.



Newbell works with over 40 producers and commercializes more than 30 000 metric tons of juice and oils per year.

Frutas y Zumos, or Frusa for the friends, was founded in 1964. It is based in the cradle of citrus, in the region of Valencia, in Spain. Producer of all orange, lemon and mandarin products & by-products.


Frusa processes up to 800 tns of fruits per day, and a total storage capacity of 5300 of semi-finished products.